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  • The General Assembly of the United Insurance Company

    General Assembly of the United Insurance Company blessed results business and endorse the company \'s budgets and commends the mettle and the efforts of staff General Assembly of the United Insurance Company commended, during normal for the year 2013 meeting, held in Tripoli on Wednesday, 05/11/2014 , the results of the company and its activities for 2013 .. approved and blessed the company\'s budgets and financial statements and Ossadguet final accounts and proposals for distribution of profits for the fiscal year 2013, which amounted to 20% per share, and the distribution of 10% of profits to employees of the company .. have registered their satisfaction with the efforts Alambdolh endeavors Alzúbh march progress and prosperity of the company\'s business. Meeting was attended by a quorum of shareholders who reached ratio (63.540%), and delegates \"Supervision Authority and control over the insurance business - and the Libyan stock market \" .. View \" Chairman of the Board \" Council report, explaining the financial indicators and data of the business for the year 2013 and its results and its activities, alluding to events in Libya, which had a direct impact on all the activities and the most important activity of insurance that has been affected directly impact these events .. also show the suffering of the insurance business sector of competitive characterized by offering low quotes, not to pursue competitive quality of service and professional delivery, resulting in the emergence of difficulties either insurance companies impacted negatively on the results of the business .. stressing that the United Insurance Company and thanks to the professional relationships and confidence in its marketing, technical, financial and administrative has achieved positive results despite what is going through the Libyan insurance market. He was also \"Chairman of the Oversight Committee \" View of the Oversight Committee constructive report, and commend the efforts of the company\'s management and workers on the growth of the company\'s business and its development and stability, the report reinforced the company\'s accounts and workflow and safety proof the accounting body and confirmed the validity and accuracy of the figures and Abannoz installed year 2013 accounts. .. He said that the report of the Commission to the remarkable progress of the company\'s financial results compared to the year 2012, an increase net distributable profit for the year 2013, while he took the external auditor of the company to submit its report, which confirms the examination and audit of the company, and offer testimony that the balance sheet and financial statements confirm the accounts and reflect the financial position of the company as at 31.12.2013 .. This has kept the United Insurance Company shares during the trading in the stock market, the Registrar and the marked increase, especially after the approval of the General Assembly to allocate share profits available for distribution amounted to 20%. The Board of Directors offer memorandum for the nomination of an external auditor of the accounts of the company for the year 2014, the Assembly approved the selection of chartered accountant Mohammed Canon Office to review the company\'s accounts and Hhdt rewarded. Either on Bnz choose a new board of directors and determine rewarded .. lost Assembly Everett special room for it where Mr. Chairman Abannz view and open the door to progress and running for organic and after sorting and vote Assembly produced a council to run the company consists of: - Ali Mohamed al Suri - Ali Amorrah Byram -Salim al naas - Abdul Razak Alatrahon - Abdel Hafiz Ali jarjer - Mosbah Qasm Agha - Ahmed Mohamed Gator
  • Board of Directors Meeting

    1- Council of the United Insurance Company, (met and who was chosen in the General Assembly meeting in early November 2014) sixth regular meeting after receiving his duties, on 30/11/2014 AD, at the center of the company president in Tripoli .. Council approved at its selection as chairman and vice-president, was chosen as Mr. / Abdel Hafiz Ali Scuff .. for the post of Chairman of the Board and Mr. .. / .. Ali Mohamed Syrian vice president .. On this occasion, the family wishes edit the company\\\'s website, the most beautiful congratulations to derivative granted to the Board of Directors of the General Assembly and the assumption of duties by calling on God for their success and the success and progress and prosperity in the performance of their responsibilities and their work. 2- Council of the United Directors\\\' Insurance met, the seventh regular meeting, at the headquarters of the company\\\'s President Tower Tripoli, on Tuesday 12/30/2014, and to discuss and approve and adopt budgets (estimated budget) for 2015 .. The Board of Directors approved the proposed budget estimates and adopted what Showing them.
  • the number of 20 year 9 Winter 2014 from the united magazine

    . Shall, God willing, and to reconcile the number of 20 year 9 Winter 2014 from the united magazine quarterly economic insurance cultural University .. In the number of many economic issues, insurance, follow-ups, legal, religious and Islamic, historical, Althagnah and Technology, Talk time (Ebola), the environment and our surroundings, culture, childhood, etiquette, fashion, medical and health, tourism, sports, bags of news and entertainment, and is so many

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