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The head of the United Insurance Company Alakttapi 20 million Libyan dinars represents two million fully paid shares, par value per share 10 dinars

The company's capital is composed as follows

The contribution of public legal entities.
The contribution of legal entities own
Individual contributions

Enjoy United Insurance Company eminent financial center in the Libyan market, and indicate their annual budgets to the continued success and prosperity of its business and the United Insurance Company listed on the Libyan capital.


  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance Important insurance coverage publications since the company began in 2008 to cover the expenses and the expenses of health and medicine and processes and analyzes of treatment and accommodation and all expenses related to the treatment and hospitalization, according to schedules and benefits of document specifications and Ngttiyatha at home and abroad. Solidarity Health Insurance The issues of covers of the health insurance have stated in the company in 2008 in order to cover the expenses and charges of treatment, operations, medicines , analyses , hospitalization and all the expenditures related to medication according to schedules of the policy benefits , specifications and geographical covers in- country and abroad. - Medical liability: ( to cover the civil liability due to the medical error of the medical crews).

  • Takaful insurance and social administration

    Records / Close symbiotic collective social insurance Personal document symbiotic incidents This next business documents, namely: And collective life insurance policy And personal accident insurance policy Health insurance documents for travelers Customers / Republic Bank National Commercial Bank Trade and Development Bank Libyan Iron and Steel Company Social Solidarity Insurances They are also known as insurances of persons. It is related to insurance of income and pension which we expend in our life on our sleeves , dependents and to leave what is to compensate them for loss of the pension or the income after death. - Social Solidarity Insurance: Guarantees compensation in case of natural death or disability ( total/partial) according to the policy conditions:- - Insurance of personal accidents: Guarantees compensation in case of death or injury by the reason of accidents. Solidarity Insurance: It is insurance covers in accordance with Islamic law (Shariat) and conditions for compensation during occurrence of the insured damage. It has entered into effect in the company at the beginning of2014 with graduated transformation window. - Insurances of passengers: Guarantee compensation of treatment fees during injuries and sudden diseases during passengers travel.

  • Accident Insurance

    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry\'s standard dummy Insurances of Various Accidents Among the structure of the United Insurance Company includes various accidents Department which issues the following policies:- - Engineering insurance policy (contractors’ risks- installation risks- breakdown of machinery- machinery and equipment of the contractor). - Liabilities insurance policies: (civil liabilities – employer’s liability – occupational liability). - Funds insurance policies ( safes burglary – cash transportation - Additional policies: (comprehensive banking policies , all risks insurance policy)

  • motor Insurance

    Motor Insurance Private and commercial The following insurance coverage include: - Compulsory insurance. - Supplementary insurance. - Extend the geographical coverage for travelers (Orange Card Standard vehicular traffic across the Arab countries). Insurances of Cars The Cars Insurance Department at the company provides the following insurance covers:- - Compulsory insurance under and according to the law – issue of Unified Arab Card for tour of cars across the Arab countries. - Complementary insurance : The complementary insurance is an optional insurance which its acceptance refers to the will of the two contracting parties for covering:- - The motor vehicle of vehicles body (accidents, theft, fire, liability towards third parties) the cover of burglary of coercive theft be added against additional premium. The complementary insurance is divided into: Private complementary for private cars – commercial complementary for commercial cars (rent on demand)- civil liability towards ( others - third party properties).

  • Transportation Insurance

    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry\'s standard dummy Marine and Aviation Insurances: The goods transportation insurances either on land or by sea or air are the most important insurance activity (marine). The administration strives for provision of the following:- The Marine and Aviation Insurance Department provides the following insurance services:- - Goods transportation insurance (on land, by sea and air). - Insurance of hulls of all the kinds. - Marine crews’ personal accidents insurance. - Air crews’ personal accidents and loss of licenses insurance. - Insurance of hulls and aviation liabilities. - Additional covers of risks of war, disturbances, riots and civil troubles. - Insurance protection for goods during transportation, loading and unloading.

  • Fire buglary & dangers of energy

    Khatri to cover burglary, fire, lightning and some natural phenomena, and add some risks (such as explosions and social risks according to the conditions and specifications of each document .... etc. - Fire Insurance. - Oil and energy insurance risks. - Insurance robbery. - Insurance to protect the family. Insurances against Fire, Burglary and Energy Risks The Department of Fire, Burglary and Energy Risk Insurances offers its insurance services for protecting the interests of the insurance applicants representing in his properties .The covers of this type of insurance extend to protection of the insured activities and liabilities included in such activities against third parties which are representing in the following:- - Fire insurance policy: covers the risks of fire and lightening. - Burglary insurance policy: covers the risks of loss and destruction of the properties by the act of burglary using force or coercion. - Family insurance policy: Combines between protection of properties, liabilities and personal accidents. It has been designed in a form suitable to family protection and provision of developed mechanism of insurance protection of its properties. - Insurance of Energy and Oil Risks: Provision of protection to the oil sector by insuring the properties, installations as well as production operations or discontinuation of the works and insurance of the wells control cost.

  • Reinsurance

    Reinsurance The company is acting within its management and reinsurance conclusion of repatriation agreements and support to various Arab and international markets secured, where it has a comparative agreements and non-relative. And participate in these Arab and foreign companies agreements and lead these agreements leading companies which is usually classified as excellent AA. The Company also has strong ties markets, insurance and reinsurance in: - Arab insurance market. - The German insurance market. - England\\\'s insurance market. - French insurance market. - Swiss insurance market. - African insurance market. - Asia\\\'s insurance market. Reinsurance and Foreign Relations Among its activities the company manages the reinsurance jobs, through conclusion of reinsurance and entrustment of agreements to various outstanding Arab and international markets. Whereas, it has relative and irrelative distinguished guaranteed agreements. These agreements involve Arab and international companies. These agreements are led by biggest, pioneer and firmly- established companies which their classification is usually excellent AAA+. The Company has also strong and durable relations with Arab and international insurance and reinsurance markets of which the most important are: - Arab Insurance Market - German Insurance Market - English Insurance Market - French Insurance Market - Swiss Insurance Market - African Insurance Market - Asian Insurance Market - American Insurance Market - Turkish Insurance Market


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