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Automating business

Became aware of United Insurance Company, to the importance and the role of the deployment of insurance awareness in the volume of swaps insurance market .. issuing quarterly insurance, economic and cultural, in an effort, and effort to spread awareness of insurance and the definition of insurance needs and rights and duties of policyholders, did not overlook the importance of the media and advertising in the publication of the insurance operations and publicize it, and given that much room, and allocated the necessary budgets, according to the plans and feasibility studies with ..... The magazine is a quarterly journal of economic insurance cultural University .. where economic issues, insurance, follow-ups, legal, religious and Islamic, historical, Althagnah and technology, modern time, the environment and our surroundings, culture, childhood, etiquette, fashion, medical and health, tourism, sports, Handbags entertainment, and many more) and exported since 2002 and is still ongoing breasts yet. And always invited to the writers, journalists, professionals and those interested in contributing to the writing and publication of their creations through


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